paintory is service that anyone can sell own created items on the net right now, wherever you are.

Create their own products on the net
Even if there is no knowledge and experience, anyone can make easily their own brand items on the net.
Now sold in your own online store
You can set a price and sell created items in your own online store right now.
paintory carry out business of up to shipment if there is order
After items were sold in your own online store ,paintory carry out business of until shipped from the manufacturing
Terms of service

Last Updated: June 1, 2016
Effective Date: June 1, 2016
Thank you very much for using paintory. This Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) explains the use and access of the paintory service and the WEB site (the “Service”), which are managed by paintory Inc. It is for. In using this service, you agree to comply with these Terms. In addition, if you use this service as an organization, we assume that you agree to this agreement as a representative of that organization.

For your information and the authority

When you use this service, customers will be content, name, e-mail, such as an address (hereinafter “your information”) and agree to provide to us. Property rights relating to your information, and what is the customer, except for the limited rights that are valid on the receive your use of this service, does not alter the terms of your information is transferred to the Company by this Agreement.
In this service, a photo, such as content management, management of product data, create and update products design, ordering of products, features such as history management of your order can receive available to our customers. Such a feature, including the other function is what our company has access to your information, you need to reference and registration and update management. Customers In order to provide the adequate information about using this service, such authority customers and shall permit the Company.

About sharing content

The use of this service, customers will be able to share with other customers and content. The case of use, so please pay close attention to the item that you want to share with other guests.


Upon receive your use of the Service, your behavior and your information, it is assumed that there is a responsibility to our customers. Content that is stored on the service, it may have been protected by intellectual property rights of others. If you yourself do not have the ownership, copy the contents of the others, upload, download, please do not be shared.
The responsibility of the content you have been available this service to register or share, does not have any that we bear.
Your password in this service so that others can not access, please strictly protected.
This service is not intended for the use of persons under 16 years of age. By being your use of the Service, assumes your age is greater than or equal to 16 years of age.

About copyright

The Company respects the intellectual property rights of others, requires that the customer may as well take the same action. The Company reserves the right to remove or disable the content that infringes the copyright, to stop the use of repeat copyright infringers.

Paid frame

For customers of the original brand-name products, frame number you can brand tag registration and design the product registration (storage), you can be added to your account for a fee (in the brand logo screen and the closet screen to the “additional purchase of the frame.” it means of migration). Payment will be due to the credit card of the customer’s own name.
Customer shall be governed by the terms of a separate agreement between the card company, in the case of a dispute between, such as customers and the credit card company has occurred, shall be resolved by the parties, that there is no responsibility at all in our will do. Paid account automatically be charged from the date that have been migrated to, it will be updated regularly until it is changed to a free account.
Charge for by the frame number of additional, it can be changed to free by deleting the frame number, but it does not balance is refunded.

About account terminated

Customers will be able to end your use of the Service at any time. Our company after conducting a prior notice to the customer, you have the right to suspend or terminate your use of the service at all times.

For the scope of responsibility

In the category established by law, the Company is in any case, even (1) indirect damages, special damages, incidental damages, punitive or consequential damages, for (use opportunities, data, business opportunities, including the loss of profits), regardless of the responsibility theory, or regardless of the case that had been suggested the possibility of such damages, relief does not take any responsibility, even if you can not achieve its essential purpose.

About your order

Buying and selling and commercialization contract of goods between the Company and the customer receives the thing we have ordered from this service from our customers, shall be established at the time of the dispatch of the order completion mail from paintory to customers you.
If you are under 16 years old if that is your order, you will need parental consent.
Commercialization based on your order, it will be due to design who confirm to you in this service.

For the payment of your order price

Payment of your order price will be due for payment by the customer himself credit card held.
Payment by credit card, you agree to be subject to the terms and conditions to separate agreement between the card company. If the dispute between, such as customers and the credit card company has occurred, shall be resolved by the parties, and shall Company is not responsible at all.

About returned goods of the cancellation and goods of your order

Returned or exchanged cancel items of your order, we can not respond as a general rule. By any chance, size and product color, if the quantity or the like is different from the content of the order, please contact us within seven days after goods arrival. When there is no connection within seven days after goods arrival, it assumes that the goods in line with the content of the order of the customer has arrived.

About Terms of change

This Agreement to change / revision irregularly in our company, has posted the latest version at all times in this service. If the revised version is greatly change your rights will contact you. Even after the revised version has been enabled, by continuing to access or use to the Service, you agree to comply with the terms that have been revised.

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